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Down The Rabbit Hole Reviews

Recently played “Down the Rabbit Hole” and oh my… that has got to be the most whimsical and adorable escape room I’ve ever played. I was blown away by the immersion, fine details and creativity. Definitely one of my favorite rooms! Friendly staff is always a plus.

- Janet L.

My girlfriend and I are escape room enthusiasts, so we travel around to do escape rooms. We recently took a trip LA and played 17 rooms in 5 days. Down the Rabbit Hole happened to be my 100th room, and what a room to be my 100th! It was colorful, whimsical, and refreshing. With the numerous dark and horror themes in the area, this was a breath of fresh air! It is definitely in my top 10 ever, and it’s in my top 3 on this trip! (in no particular order)

- Jeff C.

Today, I played my 105th escape room: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. THIS IS NOW OFFICIALLY MY MOST FAVORITE ROOM OF ALL TIME. All of the time, money spent, care, and details that went into making this room are off the charts! Not only is it nice to see a room that is truly made for all types of groups of people to enjoy, but it just blew me away as we progressed through the room every step of the way. The immersion is absolutely breathtaking and this is truly a gem of a room that I hope EVERYONE can experience! There were no traditional locks in this room, which was even more impressive and immersive. BOOK THIS ROOM TODAY!!!

- Sheryl B.

Incredible surprised and impressed by my experience in Trapped!’s Down the Rabbit Hole Escape room!

Having done a good amount of escape rooms, you get used the the typical “code and lock” and “open the box” style that many escape rooms have adopted. However, in Down the Rabbit Hole, I was blown away by the detailed and immersive set design, as well and the puzzles that allowed you to interact with the environment-and as a plus, there was not a single code not key/lock in the whole game. Trapped has truly found a great theme for a room, and truly embraced it with the puzzles and environment it creates.

- Brandon Y.

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