The Lair of the Puzzlemaster

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The Lair of the Puzzlemaster Reviews

PuzzleMaster room was awesome!! This was each one of our first escape rooms and we had an absolute blast! Staff members (HQ) were fun and friendly  Highly highly recommend Trapped!

- Wade T.

So much fun! Did the puzzlemaster and we were so close! Can’t wait to go back and do another room!

- Kyle S.

I would recommend trying this game out, go with friends and family. Hopefully everyone have their special abilities in problem and riddle solving! It is, after all, a PuzzleMaster’s lair.

- Cindy W.

We had an absolutely FANTASTIC time today, and we BEAT the PuzzleMaster!! I HIGHLY recommend Trapped Escape Rooms. It was an intense, immersive experience; the puzzles were clever, difficult without being impossible, and the rooms themselves were wonderfully and realistically decorated to make us TRULY feel like we were in a PuzzleMaster’s Lair. Kudos to the Trapped team for pulling it all together into such a perfect package.

- Mark B.

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