Sector 13

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Sector 13 Reviews

“Sector 13 will forever be the room that we compare all of our escape rooms to. It was such a great experience, and the owners were so friendly and you could tell they loved their job. The experience was very immersive, and we still talk about the experience we had completing this room. If you’re an escape room enthusiast then you have to try this room, if you aren’t-then try it and prepare to be hooked.”


“SECTOR 13 // Grade: A+

…Holy mother of God! Orgasmic-ly good!”


“This one was my favorite so far. The story and atmosphere are amazing and get you really into it. The clues were very well done in this room, and I appreciated the little details that were put in to make it an actual experience.”


“I have been to all of their rooms so far, but I was blown away by this room! The production value was really solid, and the second the escape began, I was immediately transported to a new world, and felt a rush of excitement flowing through my body.”


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