Operation: X-13



Operation: X-13 (Online) Reviews

Great online experience. The host and people involved did. Great job. Great hour of entertainment. Thank you.

- Danielle S.

100% recommended. Nothing negative to say. Wonderful game, puzzles, and people. Our “recruit” made me laugh almost to the point of tears (that’s a good thing). Needed that! Thank you!

- Sarah M.

Their live escapee rooms are great! Super creative, and it’s only your group in the room. Everyone is friendly and it’s an overall A+ experience. Tonight we did the ‘quarantine’ online escape room where you remotely control a live person in the room via a zoom feed. It did not disappoint! We weren’t sure what to expect but it was really a great experience. Highly recommend Trapped…live and online!

- Jennifer W.

I love Trapped’s room. We’ve played Down The Rabbit Hole, The Lair of the Puzzlemaster and just recently, we played an online version of Operation X-13. We’ve loved all of their rooms. Because we’re now not able to go physically to play escape rooms, playing the online version of Operation X-13 was so much fun! There is a terrific character in the room called The Recruit who is a true delight! I didn’t realize playing an online room could be so much fun! I highly recommend playing their rooms in person or online. Trapped is an amazing escape room company and I am so impressed with how they truly innovate and up the bar by offering terrific customer service, puzzles, rooms and experience!

- Lisa C.