Operation: X-13


Operation: X-13 (Online) Reviews

I love Trapped’s room. We’ve played Down The Rabbit Hole, The Lair of the Puzzlemaster and just recently, we played an online version of Operation X-13. We’ve loved all of their rooms. Because we’re now not able to go physically to play escape rooms, playing the online version of Operation X-13 was so much fun! There is a terrific character in the room called The Recruit who is a true delight! I didn’t realize playing an online room could be so much fun! I highly recommend playing their rooms in person or online. Trapped is an amazing escape room company and I am so impressed with how they truly innovate and up the bar by offering terrific customer service, puzzles, rooms and experience!

- Lisa C.

We were the first beta testers for Trapped Escape Room online Escape Room, we solved it with about 30 seconds maybe to spare but we did it. What fun!!!! Keep an eye out for when they start opening it up for appointments!!!

- Tracey C.